We're not like regular trivia, we're

Cool Trivia.



Who We Are
What We Do

We're an NYC-based trivia company. We host trivia events that are fun, fresh, and a little bit different.

We'd love to liven up your next happy hour, corporate gathering, teambuilding outing, holiday party, or retreat!

We take care of everything you need to put on an awesome trivia event. Regardless of size, venue, location, or number of participants, we'll work with you to make sure everything goes perfectly and everyone has a great time.

Our Trivia

We pride ourselves on creative, interesting questions that encourage people to work together and communicate to find the right answers. From visual rounds to name-that-tune challenges, you'll never know what we'll throw at you, but you know it'll be interesting!





Everything You Need

As long as you have A/V where your event is happening, we'll handle everything else. Cool Trivia provides the host, questions, multimedia presentation, answer sheets, and scoring.

Don't have A/V? Get in touch and we can work something out!

Trivia For All Levels

Cool Trivia can customize our trivia for any and all backgrounds. Organizing an event for PhD Jeopardy Champion MacArthur Fellows? We'll make sure they're still plenty challenged. Got a real gang of dummies on your hands? We'll make sure it's still competitive. Leave it to us!


An Affordable Experience

Similar companies charge $3000 or more for trivia events, which we think is ridiculous. Our events cost a flat rate of $1100.

A Professional Host

Your event will be hosted by a seasoned trivia expert. Cool Trivia hosts are always involved in the process of creating questions for your event, so they are already knowledgeable about every question asked. They're communicative, charismatic, professional, and they'll be on time.

A Great Time

Cool Trivia events are always interesting, engaging, and just a little silly. Whether it's a room of Fortune 500 CEOs or a gaggle of summer interns, we guarantee everyone is going to have a blast.

Select Clients

Here are just a few of the organizations we've worked with to put on great events.


Host Spotlight

Duncan Ariey

Duncan is an internet professional who lives in Brooklyn. He's been hosting trivia in various capacities for the better part of a decade. He was part of the hosting team at Pine Box Rock Shop when the Village Voice awarded the bar Best Bar Trivia.

His favorite trivia question is what five country names are only one syllable and his favorite made up number is a drillion.


Get In Touch

Whatever you're planning, we'd love to be involved. Either give us a shout via this contact form, or shoot us an email at info@trivia.cool. We'll be in touch!

Thanks, you'll hear from us soon!